Recycling plastic bottles composition analysis Value

2016-07-11Recycling plastic bottles composition analysis Valu...

In daily life, plastic bottles everywhere, drinks, mineral water, liquid food, cosmetics and plastic bottles as a carrier there for people to use. Then we run out of these products, plastic products are often discarded. According to statistics, China ...

Plastics manufacturers eyeing scalable PET bottles

2016-07-12Plastics manufacturers eyeing scalable PET bottles

[China Plastic Machinery Network News] After much research and design, Italy SIPA (Sipa) to create a PET bottle dispenser when not filled with water can be folded up, smaller size, easy to recycle.On the use of disposable PET bottles of drinking fount...

When PET Preform Injection, should pay attention to what?

2016-07-11When PET Preform Injection, should pay attention to...

Since PET macromolecules containing aliphatic group having a certain hydrophilic, the pellets at high temperatures sensitive to water, when the moisture content exceeds the limit, in the processing of PET molecular weight decreases, products colored a...



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