Plastics manufacturers eyeing scalable PET bottles

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  [China Plastic Machinery Network News] After much research and design, Italy SIPA (Sipa) to create a PET bottle dispenser when not filled with water can be folded up, smaller size, easy to recycle.
  On the use of disposable PET bottles of drinking fountains increasingly popular trend, which weighs only 330 grams, while the weight of traditional PET bottles reusable up to 650 grams. "This saves the cost of raw materials, but also saves transportation costs." Cipa said.
  SIPA company specializes in blow molding technology with a number of clients, to develop the design can be automatically folded disposable dispenser bottle and folding effect for an as flat as possible - this is not an easy challenge.
  "Bottle often stacked Debu rules, even if the water inside has been finished, automatic folding when still leave a lot of space." Cipa said.
  PET drinking bottles
         SIPA using finite element method (FEM) analyzed on a computer to simulate the folding sequence, look for warping mechanism to best meet customer needs.
  "FEM analysis accelerates the progress of the study, reducing the number of tests to find the right solutions," SIPA Dino Zanette said, "At the same time, this analysis also helps to determine automatic folding function effective minimum weight."
  SIPA tried different bottle shapes, square, round, testing and analysis.
  "At present, this force without completely automatic folding of the container has been put into mass production. This makes the recovery becomes convenient, not like before so difficult to put in the recycling bin." Cipa said.




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