Recycling plastic bottles composition analysis Value

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  In daily life, plastic bottles everywhere, drinks, mineral water, liquid food, cosmetics and plastic bottles as a carrier there for people to use. Then we run out of these products, plastic products are often discarded.
  According to statistics, China produced more than thirty million tons of plastic per year, recycling more than two thousand tons. Thus, after the plastic ingredient found, or whether the economic value of the environmental value of the loop twice with plastic bottles are a great upgrade space
  Plastic recycling is the most difficult process. Because it is has been used a plastic product, so there is often carried out in a variety of processing problems. Now the usual practice is to first material is pulverized and separated. Further density separation. To turn it into a processable form, and then rolling molding. Usually made masterbatch trait.
  Plastic reprocessing technology research and development has long been in a foreign country, but you want to make full use of plastic resources reproduction, but also requires some research job. Shanghai Ingle Group after years of testing and certification of the plastic component analysis found that some plastic in the second, after three molding, color, texture, melting boiling point will change significantly.
  While plastics can be environmental, economic regeneration purposes. But its own quality to be improved. In this case, the existing plastic composition analysis, and research to enhance its properties, so that recycled plastic can have more space to play. Not just plastic bottles, other plastic waste such as plastic bags, plastic products, etc., can make use of secondary development. Plastic component analysis can extend the breadth of its use, and to protect the environment, prevent environmental pollution caused by the white.


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